Anne Timpany, Co Founder and Director On Tap Plumbers, was invited to be a panel member by the CCATF (Cross-industry Construction Apprenticeship Task Force) at its Apprenticeship Conference on July 5th

The CCATF is a cross-industry initiative designed to increase employer engagement in apprenticeship training. Since its inception in 2007, the CCATF has adopted a two-pronged approach: firstly, to communicate positive messages to employers regarding training and apprenticeships and secondly, to influence government policy to ensure they create the best environment for construction apprenticeship training.

Martin Price, CCATF Chair, welcomed the attendees and the opening address was from David Philips, Director Apprenticeships & Technical Education, City & Guilds. The expert panel, of which Anne was a member, gave their responses to the speech and Anne’s insightful comments were especially well received.

The afternoon speakers, following a networking lunch, were Charlotte Govan from the Department for Education Head of Technical Education Relationship Management Unit and James Corbett, Department for Education Relationship Manager. Again the expert panel were called upon to respond to the keynote speakers.

Anne says “I found that the audience and the CCATF were extremely supportive of me and I had a fantastic response from speaking on the panel. They are definitely an organisation we want to work with as we are very focused on apprenticeships at On Tap Plumbers. We aim to inspire and encourage the next generation to choose a career in a wonderful industry with so many wide-ranging opportunities.”