On Tap Plumbers Visits To NE London and South Thames Colleges ‘Inspiring and Invaluable’ Say Tutors and Students

On Tap Plumbers founders Raff and Anne have continued their visits to London colleges to present to plumbing students the many attractions of working in the construction industry as commercial plumbers.

Anne and Raff visiting colleges

Most college courses focus solely on domestic plumbing so the tutors tend to be as impressed by the OTP presentations as their students. Paul Oatham, from the College of Haringey Enfield and NE London said

“Thank you so much for coming into the college, it was brilliant to meet you and for you to share your company’s history and a little of its future. These visits always prove to be invaluable to our learners.

When I returned to the class they were all immersed in debate, buzzing is a verb I would use. So I expect the CV’s will be on the way?!

I can’t thank you enough for giving up your precious time. All the students got a fantastic insight into the commercial world of plumbing.“

How the students found the day

Paul’s enthusiastic students asked lots of questions after Anne and Raff’s presentation, including enquiries about tools and payments. Within 2 hours of delivering the presentation and meeting the students, OTP had received 3 CVs from the attendees.

One student sent an appreciative email “I have attended your presentation today at our college CONEL and it has been an eye opening for me. Thanks again for such an inspiring presentation”

A similar response came from a visit to South Thames College, where tutor James Stansfield was in attendance with approx. 20 of his students. This visit resulted in 4 CVs from students who were keen to follow up.

Why these visits are important

On Tap Plumbers specialises in commercial plumbing and mechanical installations on construction sites in London and the surrounding areas. As a young and dynamic company Anne and Raff explained the many benefits of a commercial plumbing career, including development opportunities for the more ambitious students. The company’s mission Statement explains:

“On Tap Plumbers strives to be the leader in London’s commercial plumbing and heating industry with a brand built on a passion for education and inspiration for training younger generations pursuing a career in the construction industry. Our goal is to provide the London construction market with an all-encompassing service that is delivered in an exceptional way, raising the level of professionalism and enhancing the reputation of our industry.”

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