One of the most import things to inspect when buying a house is the plumbing.

Since the sellers only have to disclose what they know, you must try and uncover any potentially serious and expensive problems that aren’t always apparent.

Water stains

Water stains on the walls or ceiling could be a sign of leaky pipes. Make sure you’re on the lookout for moldy spots, as well. Leaky pipes don’t have to be expensive to fix, but if they’ve already done some damage, the repair costs could mount up. Also check for limescale around the edges of taps – this may suggest hard water, in which case you may need a water softener of softening salt.

Water pressure

While sometimes, you can fix bad water pressure with a new shower head or taps, you may wish to check it out anyway. One way to determine how the water pressure might work throughout the home is to turn on the shower farthest away from the water source. If that upstairs shower has great water pressure, it’s likely that the rest of the home does, too. While you’re at it, make sure you flush all the toilets in the home to ensure that they flush and fill up properly.

Check out the Boiler

An old, inefficient boiler could cost more than you think. Remember, you’ll have to pay bills in this home if you purchase it, and an inefficient boiler could cost you money on both your water and heating bills.

Check for leaking Taps

Make sure that your Kitchen and Bathroom taps, as well as toilet and shower, are in good working order and condition and free of any noticeable leaks.

On Tap Plumbers can provide a survey before you purchase the property potentially saving you thousands of pounds.