Multi award winning entrepreneur Anne Timpany, Director and Co-Founder of On Tap Plumbers, part of the ATRA Group, was joined at the LDE UTC jobs fair by Brett Edwards, who heads up On Tap’s Ops team,

Since 2014, when On Tap Plumbers decided to focus solely on commercial plumbing for the construction industry, the company has grown in just three and half short years to a team of 50 top class professional plumbers and seven apprentices across seven construction sites in London.

Anne is passionate about reaching out to the next generation and inspire them to consider a career in what is a very exciting sector with numerous opportunities. She says “I believe all business owners have a big responsibility to reach out to the next generation and it was great to be invited to take part in the London Design and Engineering University Technical College Jobs Fair with a number of other companies.

“We have been going into London colleges for some time and talking to plumbing students about the commercial world as they are only taught about domestic plumbing and the construction industry offers so much more. There is a dire skills shortage in the UK and it’s likely to get worse after Brexit. We have to encourage more young people to consider careers that don’t require university and college qualifications. 45% of the workforce on construction sites in London are from overseas and without them the industry would grind to a halt.

“At the LDE UTC Jobs Fair we made some great new connections and talked to a lot of students, a number of whom became very keen on the many opportunities open to them in the construction sector. If we’ve inspired just a few of them to consider construction as a viable career option I’ll be delighted.”