Meet the team

On Tap Plumbers; young and vibrant commercial plumbing company in Central London

At On Tap Plumbers we pride ourselves on not only being a professional company; but also fun, exciting and innovative in our approach to our workforce family.

On Tap Plumbers Core Team Photo at the R6 development in London. Commercial Plumbing for the new age!

Always finding a way to make every situation fun and enjoyable.

Our Ethos

We aren’t just about the job, we’re about the family and about development. With a team of fully trained and qualified commercial plumbers on staff and an ever increasing number of young, eager apprentices. We build trust and value each and everyone one of those staff members like family.

Using technology to create a commercial plumbing family!

With many of our staff coming from far away, living in a new city, country and in some cases continent we felt it was vitally important to create cohesion within the family. We started to use technology to keep the team in contact with each other and the [LINK] results were amazing!

Creating a friendly, competitive and inclusive environment

As we all know, commercial plumbing traditionally attracts a specific type of person, however that one type of person is not the only type of person to work within the industry and with more roles within the company beside Plumber we created regular meetups each month which aim to make everyone of our team feel like On Tap Plumbers is their home away from home. It is also a great way to combine competition in a fun and inclusive way.

Moving the industry forward

We are passionate about the next generation of plumbers coming through our education system. Especially introducing them to the world of commercial plumbing and how it is a real, genuine and exciting pathway for their careers. Over the last few months Anne and Raff have been taking at London based FE colleges. We have visited Uxbridge CollegeHarringay, Enfield and North London and South Thames College and with more visits in the pipeline we are looking forward to connecting the colleges and students to our construction partners moving forward.

Are you a commercial plumber?

We would love to hear from you about how we can help to enhance your career and make you part of our ever growing family.

Are you a domestic plumber?

We started exactly where you are. Long days, late night call outs and a seemingly limited amount of growth. We’d love to hear from you about helping make the big leap from domestic plumbing over to commercial plumbing. With our training and development programme you could be swapping your midnight call-out to a professional, structured work environment.

Are you a plumbing student and you don’t know what to do next?

Our apprentice scheme will not only give you a job, it will give you the skills and knowledge to be able to send your career from a standing start to a fast paced, exciting career with almost no upper limits! Don’t hesitate, become an On Tap Apprentice today

Are you a commercial construction company?

We are always looking to expand our portfolio of partners, through our direct work, or through our involvement with the develop and nurturing of new talent, head over to our partner page to find out more and get in contact.